Frequently-asked questions


How do I create an account?

To create an account on Jora go to the ‘Sign Up’ page and enter your email address and a password in the ‘create an account’ form.

I do not remember my password. How can I reset it?

As long as you already have an account with Jora you can easily reset your password by navigating to ‘Forgot your password?’ and filling out the email textbox. After submitting your email address you will receive an email with further instructions on how to recover your password.

How can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile by first going to ‘Your Account’ page. You will be required to login before you can access any of your account details. From your account page you can easily navigate to the ‘edit profile'; clicking on this link will allow you to edit your email address and password associated with your account.

I did not receive confirmation instructions, what should I do?

You can manually request us to resend a confirmation email by going to the ‘Email Confirmation’ page and submitting a new form with your email address.

How do I search for jobs in Jora?

To find jobs, go to the Jora home page and enter your search query and the desired location in the search bar. Then, click the ‘Search Jobs’ button and you will see a list of the search results matching your query and location.

How can I save a job?

You can save the jobs you find interesting by clicking the link ‘save Job’ that appears at the bottom of each job advertisement extract in the results page. This feature can also be used to keep track of the job advertisements that you have already applied for.

How can I see a list of my previous searches?

To see a precise list of all the previous searches you have performed, you need to be a registered user and be Signed In to your Jora account. The previous searches are listed in the tab ‘My Searches’ located within the section ‘My Account’.

How do I create an email alert?

To create a job alert, enter a specific query into the search box and then click ‘Search Jobs’. In the search results page click on the link ‘create email alert for this search”, this link will only be available to you if you have logged into the Jora website with a valid account.

If you are not currently logged in or you want to create an email alert without signing up as a Jora registered user, perform a search and then fill in the textbox at the top or bottom of the result page with your email address. Please note that entering your email address in this textbox will send you job alerts but it is different to having a Jora account.

How do I cancel an email alert?

At any time you can edit, pause or cancel your email alerts by navigating to ‘My Alerts’ section of your account page. The ‘My Alerts’ section will provide you with a list of email alerts that have been associated with your account.

If you have subscribed to email alerts but you have not yet registered an account with us, you can cancel your email alerts by scrolling down to the bottom of your email alert and clicking the link “Cancel this email alert”. Please note that you must do this for every email alert you have signed up for if you want to stop receiving all and every email alert you have created.

The job advertisement has offensive content, no longer exists or it is a spam. How to proceed?

If you have found any abusive or fraudulent job advertisement, please send us a message via the ‘Contact Form’ with the job link (URL) and we will remove that particular job advertisement immediately.

If you have found a job advertisement that is no longer published on our website it may be due to the fact that we have manually removed it from our system or that it has been removed by the original publisher of the content. In any case, we are not able to provide you with the job advertisement details and you may have to contact the publisher directly.

How can I get more details about a particular vacancy?

To get the most accurate and up to date details about a specific vacancy you need to contact the company or the publisher of the job advertisement. The majority of the job advertisements will redirect you to the appropriate website. Jora only displays job advertisements and does not take ownership of them.

How can I upload my resume?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to upload and store your resume in your Jora account. To apply for a job, you will have to send your resume and cover letter to the employer by following the steps outlined in the job advertisement. Jora is working on implementing this feature in the future as it is already available in some of our international sites.


How do I post a job advertisement?

At the moment, employers cannot post individual job advertisements. However, If you already have a existing website or XML feed with a list of jobs we may be able to crawl your jobs automatically. To enable this, please send through a link to your website or XML feed using the ‘Contact Us’ form and we will get back to you with further details.

All our services of crawling job advertisements from your website are completely free.